History of Child & Family Provider Network

History of Child & Family Provider Network

In 1991 a group of agencies who served children and families in residential treatment settings developed a group called the Maine Association of Group Care Providers. The primary focus of this group was to discuss the many complexities of serving this population effectively. Monthly meetings were held on the Good Will Hinckley Campus which served as the backdrop for the various topics. The focus of discussions were on Maine Care, PNMI billing, licensing rules, and programming challenges.

This group then expanded its mission to implement a staff development and training curriculum, the Group H’Olympics which was a sporting event for the children in placement, and the Annual Conference for Youth Care Workers.

In 2007 the group changed its name. The Child & Family Provider Network would include all services on the spectrum of serving children and families in Maine. These include, Targeted Case Management, Home and Community Treatment, Foster Care, as well as Residential.

Today our group remains strong with a focus on partnering with our state agency representatives to improve and strengthen services for children in need.

Child & Family Provider Network